One plane crashed, one landed safely.

Earlier this morning, reports came in of a two-plane collision over Cherry Creek State Park, according to South Metro Fire Rescue. 

The mid-air clip between a Cirrus SR-22 and a Metroliner jet, according to Twitter reports of Aircraft Radio, occurred around 10 a.m. near East Belleview Avenue and South Cherry Creek Dr., and rescue officials immediately headed to the scene. 

One plane crash landed in near Cherry Creek Reservoir, and the other was able to land at Centennial Airport. At this time, no injuries are reported.

"Initial reports indicate that 2 planes collided midair over Cherry Creek State Park property just south of Belleview and Peoria. One plane crashed here with no injuries or fatalities. The second plane landed safely at Centennial Airport with no injuries," said South Metro Fire Rescue in a tweet. 

Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Deputy told the Denver Post that the debris field was fairly wide, meaning the collision was a significant one. No fuel spills were reported. 

The Cirrus SR-22 had taken off from Centennial Airport, and injuries to two aboard were likely avoided due to the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS) device. CAPS is a rocket-propelled parachute system that tries to slow a plane to a safer landing.

A tweet response to the South Metro Fire Rescue's tweet alert identifies the other plane after it landed. This plane held one pilot and cargo.

Follow the South Metro Fire Rescue Twitter for more updates as they become available.