The owner of the barbershop just wants to give back to the community and help those in need!

Located in the heart of Norfolk, the VIP Lounge and Barbershop offers FREE haircuts to anyone who cannot afford one or has an upcoming job interview for which they need to look their best. The free haircuts—anything from a basic cut to a transformation cut—are being offered year-round, to anyone in need. 

Through this wonderful and simple act of kindness, the barbershop has made a big impact on the city within the two and a half years they have been in business.

We had the pleasure of speaking with the owner—a proud veteran—who shared his reasoning behind the free haircuts:

OCN: How long will you be doing the free haircuts? Is this permanent?

"This is always a thing—anyone can come by and get a cut!" 

OCN: What sparked your decision to begin giving the free haircuts? 

"I’ve always done it! Since I started cutting hair. My big thing is helping everyone I can no matter what. I do a lot for the community and try my hardest to help everyone that I can."

OCN: How often do people come in for the free haircuts?

"We have guys that come every week for cuts."

OCN: How does it make you feel knowing that you are helping out these people?

"That's what it’s about, helping people. That’s my goal in life, so I feel like I’m achieving my goals."

OCN: Have you always know that you wanted to be a barber?

"Not at all. I started 'cause I was dead broke and needed something. And I’m a veteran, so the GI bill paid for the school."

OCN: Were you doing this to help out homeless veterans at first or was it always an "everyone thing"?

"Just to help out, no matter the person."

OCN: What do you think a fresh haircut can do for a person? Do you think it will improve the quality of their interview?

"It’s more of a mental good: you look good, you feel good."

Well, we agree! We think a fresh haircut can change someone's perspective and make them feel their best, ultimately boosting their confidence! 

Courtesy of The VIP Lounge Barbershop

Thank you for all you do over at the VIP Lounge and Barbershop! We hope more businesses will catch on to this act of kindness and find unique ways to help those in need!

Check them out on Facebook and their website to book an appointment. 

What other businesses are doing good in the community? We'd love to hear about them and even share their story! Leave a comment and let us know!