Isak the Troll is back in a new location in Breckenridge.

Isak Heartstone, the giant wooden troll, can be visited once again by hikers and fans after being moved and rebuilt in Breckenridge, CO. The 15-foot-tall troll was relocated to a new location the same Colorado ski town and is ready for visitors since Tuesday, June 25.

The Town of Breckenridge appears pleased to have the wooden troll back as they so lovingly stated in an Instagram post. “Welcome back, Isak! We are happy to announce that Isak Heartstone is ready for viewing in his new home. Isak welcomes all those who leave no trace and visit responsibly.”

Not only was Isak relocated to a new home, but he also got his own brand new trail. The new Trollstigen trail was created in order for hikers and fans to access the site more easily. The trail is located on the south end of Breckenridge in Illinois Gulch. It is an easy walk or bike ride, but those who wish to directly see the troll and skip the trail can hitch a free ride with the Breck Free Ride bus.

Danish artist Thomas Dambo created the troll out of shingles, branches, and lumber from fallen trees from the forest area. The art installation was to be a temporary display for the annual Breckenridge International Festival of Arts (BIFA) held every August, but it stayed as a staple of Breckenridge.

The original plan was to take down Isak permanently, but plans quickly changed, as it became a popular attraction. However, residents of Wellington Neighborhood, where the troll used to sit in a nearby trail, weren't so happy with Isak's permanent status. Locals told the town council the new attraction caused more foot traffic, illegal parking, and littering in the area.

The art installation was taken down in November, then a few months later, the Town of Breckenridge announced they had found a new home for the beloved troll. Dambo was scheduled to come back in May to reconstruct Isak and the cost of the relocation and planning, estimated at $20,000, would be split between the town and BRECKcreate.

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