Winter is about to make a comeback in Colorado after a rather long stretch of dry and warm weather.

If you have not noticed the two 50-degree days and the one 60-degree day we have had this month already, you're not enjoying Colorado at its finest! The weather over the last two weeks has been pretty stellar, but that's about to change, just a bit.

As far as what we have seen so far this month, it's warmth. Denver's average temperature is running more than 7 degrees above normal! That's a pretty dramatic number, and since we are only one full week into the month of January, that number will clearly change. Denver is pretty spectacular through the winter because we see so much sunshine and have a pretty fair amount of above-average temperatures to work with. That is, in part, due to downsloping winds coming down from the Rockies and the fact that Colorado isn't surrounded by any large bodies of water, so our temperatures can swing greatly between day and night.

The inverse of warm temperatures is cold temperatures, and we all know that as soon as the sun even begins to set, temperatures start to drop. Quickly.

The forecast over the next several days calls for a few low-pressure systems to move into the area. Low pressure is often associated with cooler temperatures and cloudy, wet conditions—and that's what's heading our way.

By Thursday, temperatures will begin to cool to more normal levels. Highs for the second week of January run near 44 degrees Fahrenheit. That puts into perspective just how abnormal the 50- and 60-degree days were.

Cold temperatures will make it feel more like January here and there, maybe even be a few snowflakes mixed in for more of a reminder that, yes, it is January in Colorado. But those snow chances aren't looking too great. Actually, they're pretty mediocre, if you ask me, but a chance is a chance.

These small snow chances come with minor accumulations. A dusting to an inch is possible, but even that is pushing it. Now, if you really want some snow, head into the Colorado high country; they have been and will continue to see a lot of snow accumulate over the course of the next week and points further on.

As you can see from the image above, there are a lot of bright colors in the areas west of Denver. Those are the mountains and where you could expect 6-18 inches of snow to fall between now and next Saturday. Meanwhile, on the Eastern Plains, not much action will be seen, but there will some flakes flying.

Bust out those heavier jackets and gloves, as it's about to turn colder in Colorado. It may be a little breezy most days as well, too, so keep that in mind because we all know that the wind really makes the cold much worse.