A sobering reminder for all off-roaders.

Colorado's Black Bear Pass provides some of the most majestic views in the world. As the 4x4 trend grows, more people are putting their nerves and rigs to the test on this iconic trail. Although the majority of the trail consists of more moderate terrain, the final descent into Telluride is more than enough to make your stomach churn and have you checking your brakes. Most of that descent is a one-lane road, with very limited room for error. Although most travelers end up safely descending down into town and conquering the beast, others haven't been so lucky.

On October 10, San Miguel County Search and Rescue responded to a Jeep that rolled off and down several switchbacks before coming to a rest on the lower portion of Bridal Veil Rd.

According to San Miguel Sheriff, the 22-year-old driver shut off the engine, applied the emergency brake, and exited the vehicle to assist a driver behind him with one of the switchbacks, leaving his passenger in the car. The Jeep then started to move forward and the driver turned and attempted to jump back in the Jeep to steer it, but was thrown into rocks and the vehicle left the road. The Jeep then rolled down several switchbacks ejecting the passenger before coming to a stop on the roadway below. The driver escaped with minor injuries, but the passenger was flown to another hospital with more serious injuries. 

We hope and pray for full recoveries to all involved. This is a sobering reminder to always check your rig and equipment before heading out, pull the e-brake tight if you exit your vehicle, and don't ever shy away from helping other drivers on the trail. As enthusiasts and thrill-seekers, we want to see how far we can push our 4x4's and abilities, but always go above and beyond to make sure you, your passengers, and other drivers make it back in one piece. 


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