The fundraiser even got a big donation from CNBC’s Marcus Lemonis.

Everyone knows the pandemic has hit the restaurant industry particularly hard. In Baltimore City, restaurants have had to endure some of the strictest regulations in the state. More than 10 months into the pandemic, Mayor Scott enacted a ban on indoor and outdoor dining to prevent the spread of coronavirus during the holidays. John Minadakis, co-owner of Jimmy’s Famous Seafood watched restaurants struggling and knew he had to do something to help. Inspired by the Barstool Fund, Minadakis and a group of business owners started a Gofundme to help save Baltimore City restaurants.

The original goal of the fund was $100,000 to go to help five restaurants: Sliders, Angle Inn, The Chasseur, G & A Restaurant, and Shotti’s Point Charm City.

“These places won’t be there when this pandemics’ over if we don’t step up right now and help them,” said Minadakis. “You’re going to a McDonald’s there, a Burger King, you’re going to see a TGI Fridays there. All these places that you have so many memories in are going to be gone.”

Sliders Bar and Grill

Courtesy of Sliders (Facebook)

The fund raised $97,000 in just 24 hours from small donors, exceeding expectations. It even drew the attention of CNBC’s Marcus Lemonis, host of a show that helps struggling business owners. He pledged $20,000 and said he would add another $20,000 if the fund reached $200,000. In just four days, the fund raised $200,000 and Minadakis upped the goal to $350,000.

The Gofundme fundraiser is now the Famous Fund and will continue to raise funds to help more restaurants in and around the city. Money raised will help restaurants pay employees, utilities, and rents to keep the doors open. An independent board will evaluate applications and decide which restaurants to award money to. If you would like to nominate a restaurant that needs help or would like to submit your business, visit the Famous Fund link.

Have you contributed money to the Famous Fund? Which restaurant would you like to help keep its doors open?