Teacher maintains account was hacked.

*Warning: references to the post in question is quoted below and may be upsetting to some.*

A kindergarten teacher at an elementary school in Westminster is under investigation after Facebook comments were uncovered that were considered concerning by the school district. It is important to note that the teacher, Peter Mandell, has maintained that his Facebook account was hacked and he did not write the post. 

The comments are below: 

“They were retarded before Covid and will be retarded after ... Let’s just keep these kids at home and when this passes they can come back to school. Do you really think they’ll be any different after a year of staying home with their parents? Sounds like someone doesn’t want to deal with their special needs kid. Your problem, not mine.”

The comment was brought to Westminster Public Schools' attention, and it launched an investigation.

"Westminster Public Schools has been made aware of some offensive comments that have been attributed to one of our teachers. The remarks in no way reflect the views of WPS and the incident is being investigated," the district said in a statement.

In the latest developments, it appears that dismissal is on the horizon for the teacher. 

"Those statements we were immediately acting on, wey've been investigated, and we are moving forward with preparing dismissal charges. Those in no way shape or form reflect how the many dedicated teachers, staff members, and board members feel in Westminster Public Schools," said Pamela Swanson, Superintendent of Westminster Public Schools.

See her full statement below:

The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) has been alerted and is deferring to the district investigation. If the comment is determined to have come from Mandell, the CDE has said it will take appropriate action. That could include denying, suspending, revoking, or annulling his teaching license. 

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