The winner will have their car replicated as a famed Hot Wheels model.

For this Colorado car lover, there's a possibility that his project car, a restored 1954 Chevrolet Bel Air, might be immortalized as a brand-new Hot Wheels car.

Bill Henry, of Littleton, spent about eight years working on the car after he bought it in 2008. When he purchased it, the car did not run and had a classic black and white color scheme. He rebuilt it with a lot of care and effort, finishing it off with a very exciting paint job.

Henry has been a car man his whole life, the retired Xerox employee inherited his gift from his own father. When his children were growing up Henry would work on the car with his two sons and daughter, Stacey. While the boys were into all the usual car stuff, Stacey was the artist and she gave her dad artsy advice on how to decorate his cars and what color looked good.

The Bel Air has a strong emotional value for Henry, it was one that his daughter helped him with before she died. Stacey suffered from diabetes and died on March 29, 2011, as a result of complications from the disease. The car is dedicated to her and was named “Lost Soul” by Stacey, a sweet reminder of the family working together.

Back August, Henry headed to Longmont for a car competition and his car was chosen as a finalist to participate in the Hot Wheels Legends Tour. He will head to Las Vegas Nevada on November 1 for the SEMA show. The winner will have their car made into one of the famed die-cast miniatures.

For Henry, going to Las Vegas is a way to honor his daughter and he thinks she would have enjoyed the whole thing.

Regardless of who wins, getting picked to be a part of the show is exciting. For the lucky car lover who gets their vehicle picked, it will be a memory they will never forget and can share with the world in their unique way.

Did you know there was a competition to be picked as a Hot Wheels car? What car would you want to see immortalized in miniature form? Sound off in the comments!