A mobile shower trailer brings showers to the streets, giving the city's homeless population a free and accessible bathing option.

One of the biggest challenges those facing homelessness navigate is how, where, and when to have access to showers and the ability to stay clean. The options are limited, and this can, in part, delay or prevent these individuals from gaining employment or moving forward, as well as present and contribute to the spread of disease, among other health issues. When asked what they need, the homeless community in Denver vocalized that bathing options are sparse and access to showers is a necessity.

The ability to bathe and feel clean is something everyone should have, and a local group has launched a new initiative to help the homeless population in Denver in the form of a mobile shower truck.

Run by Denver Day Works, a program run through Bayaud Enterprises Inc., the Shower Truck houses two handicap-equipped wheelchair-friendly stalls. Sinks, mirrors, towels, and toiletries, like shampoo and soap, are provided. This is made possible due to donations; the $50,000 shower truck was built using contributions from the Wiesner Family Foundation.

The shower stalls are set up in a trailer that's pulled by a white pickup truck and debuted at an event last week. The shower truck will be live this week starting on Tuesday, October 15, and will start its run at 333 West Bayaud Avenue, the home of Bayaud Enterprises.

'Shower Truck' for Denver's Homeless Population

Courtesy of Bayaud Enterprises, Inc. (Facebook)

Bayaud Enterprises is a local nonprofit that provides services to those who face barriers in gaining employment. In addition to the Shower Truck, it has operated two mobile laundry trucks in the Denver area, which have provided services to the homeless population for several years. They also run Denver Day Works, an employment program contracted through the City of Denver that connects at-risk adults with low-barrier and accessible work options, benefits, and employment services.

Those interested in donating to the Shower Truck or any other programs can find information on how to do so on the organization's website.

Have you heard about other programs in the Denver area or across Colorado that aid and provide access to clean bathing options for those facing homelessness? Know of any other ways that we can all help? Let us know in the comments.