As coronavirus worry grows, Loudoun County announces that public schools will be closed through March 20.

As the concern for the coronavirus shuts down several events like NBA and NCAA games, esports matches, and some Cherry Blossom Festival events, Loudoun County Public Schools is following these organizations and has announced that schools will be closing.

The announcement came through early this morning, only shortly before classes were set to begin, that schools will be closed from today, March 12, through March 20. Superintendent Eric Williams also stated that all activities will be canceled as well, including the Regional Science & Engineering Fair.

Loudoun County Public Schools Regional Science & engineering fair
Courtesy of Facebook

Even though there are no positive cases reported, the school district said they would like to be cautious. So, during the closure, classrooms are going to be thoroughly cleaned, and, after discussions with health officials, there should be announcements next week regarding the next steps for Loudoun County. Williams also stated that they are also looking into options for learning from home if the closure is extended. Stay informed at their official site.

While the coronavirus is a global worry, keep in mind that many people have recovered from the virus and that basic measures can do wonders to reduce spreading! We will do our best here to keep the updates coming about school and event closures. 

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