The couple had no medical professionals to assist when they had their baby, just a level-headed and calm operator!

Maryland woman went into labor when there was no medical help around, but a 911 dispatcher guided her through the delivery. The Howard County Police Department shared clips of the call last Friday.

"Hi. My wife is in labor and the baby is about to be here very soon," the father can be heard telling the dispatcher.

In the call, dispatcher Denise Grant helped the husband and directed ways to keep his wife comfortable and safe while the baby was being born. She advised them to push whenever needed and not attempt to prevent the birth.

Denise assisted the new father until paramedics arrived. The dispatcher advised the soon-to-be-mom about breathing techniques to ease her labor pain.

The baby was born shortly. Denise instructed them about holding the newborn supporting head and shoulders and having a firm grip on his hips and legs. She also asked the couple to keep the mother and child warm and ensure the umbilical cord was not wrapped around the infant's neck.

Here are some excerpts of their conversation:

Denise's presence of mind and calmness helped the new parent sail through the challenging yet precious moments. What do you think of the incident? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.