Sounds like it could be a fun (and maskless) summer for kids!

Maryland is opening its doors for those parents wishing to send their kids to summer camp or child care centers. They're also letting these children not wear masks!

"I'm ecstatic," said Alysa Stoffregon, owner of a place called Kid's Revolution. "It changes the whole ballgame. When we were doing our summer camp schedules, we had two different schedules—one with the huge hope that things were going to change because these kids actually lose an entire year of their life."

Stoffregen's Kid's Revolution is located in Cockeysville on Lakefront Drive and opens June 28. They will be open this summer and are allowing children in with the choice to keep their masks on or not.

Maryland's new mandate is its state of emergency concludes on July 1, with new CDC guidelines taking effect. Wearing masks will no longer be ordered. Maryland's governor is the one who broke the news. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention still suggests rules for children, especially since many are not vaccinated and cannot get vaccinated due to guidelines. Doctors have their own view on it, with many recommending the decision ultimately be up to the family.

"The best thing to do is follow your gut," Dr. Alice Morgan-Cooper suggested. Morgan-Cooper is a pediatrician at Life Bridge Health's Village Pediatrics. "I would recommend that parents err on the side of caution and still have their children wear masks because that tiny, little barrier can save a life."

Still, guidelines aren't stopping parents from getting excited about Maryland allowing maskless summer camps, particularly right after the school year ended.

"I'm basically done with it," said parent Michelle Arnold. "My children are excited just to rip the thing off their face and not have to worry about it anymore."

Parents are definitely welcoming the idea of kids no longer having to wear face masks anymore.

Parent Bill Mulcahy agreed overall, saying, "I'm very glad it's happening. I mean, to see all the kids' faces again and just to have a sense of togetherness and normalcy."

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