He is free to roam around on his own and is pulling through gracefully. 

The wild box turtle who was found back in July with multiple fractures to the underside of his shell has made a full recovery, almost a year later. He had been using a custom-made LEGO wheelchair to get around while he healed, but can now roam freely.

Maryland Zoo employees had to think outside the box (shell?) in order to allow the turtle to recover properly, so they created a wheelchair for him out of LEGOs. The chair allowed him the use of his legs while elevating his underside off the ground. 

The turtle has awakened from his winter brumation period (a turtle's version of hibernation). Until he is free to be released into the wild, zoo staff have created a habitat which mimics his outdoor environment and where he spent his brumation. 

To update the public of his recovery, the Maryland Zoo uploaded a video to Twitter of them removing the wheelchair piece by piece – See the video below: 

For updates on the little guy, you can check out his story on the Maryland Zoo's website and follow them on Twitter!

**All images courtesy of Maryland Zoo

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