The Museum of Boulder Preserves the Stories and Keepsakes as a Tribute to Lives Lost.

Outside of the King Soopers in Boulder, where 10 people were killed in a mass shooting on March 22, a memorial to the victims has grown composed of flowers, handwritten signs, and other items. The memorial continues to grow as people leave items to honor the lives lost.

The Museum of Boulder, alongside the Boulder Strong Project, wishes to "serve as a conduit to help our community heal," according to a news release. The museum has already started preserving stories and artifacts from the memorial.

Lori Preston, the museum's executive director, stated there are no concrete plans for an exhibit. Preston hopes to get more input from the community. The museum's current focus is on curating the stories, voices, and collection of items left at the site. The preservation of the tribute is not merely focused on collecting physical items; the museum is also considering preserving them digitally and archiving them for a future exhibition.

The curators from the museum have started taking the most weathered items or signs that have flown off the fence outside of the King Soopers. The staff also stated if someone found one of their items was missing and wished for it to be back at the memorial, they could contact the museum and they would oblige.

The museum is also encouraging people in the community to contact them via email: [email protected], if anyone would like to share a backstory for any of the items placed at the memorial. People can also contact them to share their thoughts on how this tragedy has affected them and their community.

If you'd like to donate to the victims' families or need resources, go to Colorado Healing Fund

Have you visited the memorial? In the comments, share a special keepsake that you left or were touched by.