The popular hotel and casinos of MGM Resorts just announced a major wave of layoffs across the country.

One more major U.S. employer is feeling the effects of COVID-19. News outlets are reporting that a total of 18,000 furloughed employees at MGM Resorts will lose their jobs permanently on August 31.

The separation letter from the company's CEO had this to say about the action:

"For the protection of workers, federal law requires companies to provide a date of separation for furloughed employees who are not recalled within six months. Regrettably, August 31 marks the date of separation for thousands of MGM Resorts employees whom we have not been able to bring back." —Bill Hornbuckle, CEO and President of MGM Resorts

Overall, the hospitality industry has been hit especially hard during this pandemic. This sweeping batch of layoffs represents almost a quarter of MGM's entire workforce.

Hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues all over the country had to close down in the wake of COVID-19's appearance in the U.S. As they slowly begin to reopen, many at reduced capacity, a fraction of the furloughed workers are being brought back to work. Declines in tourist spending all over the world, paired with travel restrictions for visitors from abroad, are having a marked effect on the U.S. tourism industry. 

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MGM Resorts will continue to support the employees they are laying off through extended health care benefits available through September 30. They will also continue to explore ways to bring back more furloughed employees as business starts to pick up.

For more information about the MGM Resorts layoffs, you can read the full separation letter from Bill Hornbuckle to furloughed employees here.

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