A missing teen from Kansas was found dead in her car not long after her boyfriend was apparently shot dead.

Kaylah Blackmon, 18, was found dead in her gray 2005 Ford Escape early Thursday, according to a police statement obtained by Oxygen.com . A lieutenant on patrol found her car parked in the lot of an apartment complex in Wichita and her body was inside of it. The investigation is ongoing.

Blackmon’s death comes within days of her boyfriend's murder. Officers with the Wichita Police Department responded to reports of a shooting on Monday morning and found 17-year-old Michael Beasley lying unresponsive in a grassy area near an abandoned church, the department said in a recent news release . A witness told authorities that they’d been walking by when they saw Beasley lying on the ground; they asked if he needed help, and then called 911 when they saw that he was unresponsive. Law enforcement officials as well as emergency responders arrived at the scene, and Beasley was pronounced dead. The investigation into the shooting has been categorized by police as a criminal homicide investigation.

Following Beasley’s death, police asked for the public’s help in locating Blackmon, stating that they feared she may be in danger.

The details regarding the case remain unclear, as do any possible motives for murder. The Wichita Police Department have been tight-lipped regarding the natures of the teens' deaths.

"The investigation is ongoing, and investigators are still working to determine the circumstances of of what occurred in this case," reads a statement from police.

Anyone with any information on the case is encouraged to contact investigators 316-268-4407 or call Crime Stoppers at 316-267-2111.