Two dogs remain on the loose after their owner was involved in a car accident, and community groups are pitching in to find them.

It all started with an accident on I-270 in Montgomery County the night of December 28. Brian Shelton, a North Carolina resident, was driving through Maryland on his way to New York. When bystanders opened his car door to check on him following the wreck, Shelton's two dogs jumped down and headed for the nearby woods.

Though the incident occurred near the Comus Road overpass in Hyattstown, the dogs could now be much farther away now from the original site.

dog, chocolate lab

Photo by Brian Shelton

Maryland residents in the vicinity are asked to be on the lookout for a chocolate Labrador retriever named Ena and a small black pitbull named Caleb. Both dogs are wearing collars with Shelton's contact information on them. The latest updates indicate that the pair may have split up, as they have been recently spotted in separate locations.

If you see either of the dogs:

  • Do not chase them or try to catch them. You could end up driving them into a dangerous traffic area.
  • Call or text either (704) 936-6442 or (301) 651-7785 with the exact location of the sighting.
  • Observe from afar and do not try to get close to the dogs. They may be skittish around strangers.

You can volunteer to post flyers in your area by connecting with the Lost Animal Rescue Group. They are part of the ongoing coordinated search effort and have been organizing volunteers through their Facebook page. Head there to print out flyers and join the effort to bring Ena and Caleb home.

For more information, visit the Lost Animal Resource Group Facebook page or the Montgomery County Maryland Lost Pets Facebook page. Updates are being posted on a regular basis as they are available.

If you have any information or updates on this ongoing search operation, let us know in the comments.