The Mullen fire has burned 127,503 acres so far.

The Mullen Fire, located southwest of Centennial, Wyoming, in the Medicine Bow National Forest, expanded to 117,240 acres overnight, according to officials of the Medicine Bow National Forest. The fire crossed the border into Jackson County, Colorado, on Wednesday, prompting a mandatory evacuation in the area. As of Friday morning, the fire has burned 127,503 acres in southern Wyoming and northern Colorado.

The Jackson County Sheriff's Office said the evacuation order includes residents in the area of three-way and north on Highway 125 and Highway 127.

The Larimer County Sheriff's Office also ordered a mandatory evacuation of Roach and Hohnlolz in the northwestern part of the county.

Even though the wildfire grew in size by more than 10,000 acres since Wednesday evenings, officials are saying the winds were favorable for firefighters to limit the spread. They are doing so by removing fuels along the roads and fire lines as well. As of Friday, 1,057 firefighters are on the scene of the fire.

Additionally, they were able to improve their defense of Albany, Keystone, and areas east of the Rob Roy Reservoir. Another implemented strategy is to interrupt the fire's progression in the southeast region near the border of Wyoming and Colorado.

Even though the fire prompted evacuations, a team of firefighters is working to limit the possible impacts of the fire on homes near the area.

Due to the Mullen Fire, the weather is expected to be warm and dry for the next 72 hours, with gusts of wind expecting to be up to 20 mph.

Officials are still investigating the cause of the fire. It began 38 miles west of Laramie on Saturday, September 17. The Mullen Fire is an additional contributor to the Front Range's poor air quality over the past few weeks.