Really, Netflix? Really?

Anyone from Colorado will happily tell you that you’ll find nothing but beautiful and wondrous views in Boulder. There’s the Flatirons, Pearl Street Mall, University of Colorado campus, and more distinct places that make Boulder, Boulder.

In fact, many Californians have made the big move to Colorado for several reasons. There’s a lot to compare between the two states. But Netflix took it a bit too far ...

A Netflix movie called Secret Obsession used the unforgettable backdrop of Boulder, Colorado, to depict a town — in California.


Courtesy of Giphy

Of course, the fine folks of the internet were quick to catch onto Netflix’s big mistake. Some have accused Netflix about lying about the location of the movie. One look at the IMDb page will tell you that there was only filming locations in California, not Colorado.


If this wasn’t cringy enough for you, the movie‘s setting is mainly in Southern California, not ‘Silverado Canyon, 100 miles north of San Francisco’ like they claim. Yeowch.

Netflix has yet to comment on any of the backlash. What do you think of the big whoopsie? Let us know in the comments below, and also, tell us what you thought of Secret Obsession!