The new version is called “Charmopoly” and has been designed by the group behind Charm’tastic Mile.

The Charm’tastic Mile is creating a new version of the Monopoly game called "Charmopoly." Created in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Inner Harbor, the Charmopoly board will pay homage to Baltimore with properties named for city streets and railroad spots named for local apparel company Under Armour. The game will be available for purchase just in time for the holidays.

The board game is the brainchild of the Charm’tastic Mile, an organization that promotes the Inner Harbor. The Charm’tastic Mile describes 1.3 miles of downtown Baltimore, stretching from west downtown through the Inner Harbor to Harbor East. The group hopes to get the Charm’tastic Mile named to the list of Famous and Iconic Streets in America alongside Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. A ceremonial sign will be unveiled at Calvert and Pratt St. on September 19, 2019.

Downtown-West, Inner Harbor, and Harbor Place take up the three corners of the board, and International Dr. and Harbor East Pl. are the “Boardwalk” properties. Charmopoly will be priced between $25 and $30, with proceeds going towards funding for marketing and supporting the Inner Harbor area.

This is not the first time Baltimore has been featured in the popular board game. In 1997, Parker Brothers issued a Baltimore version of Monopoly that featured several city landmarks and businesses including the Orioles, the National Aquarium, Obrycki’s, H&S Bakery, B&O Railroad Museum, and Philips Seafood. Proceeds from the game were given to Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. Occasionally a used set can be found on eBay. Parker Brothers has produced more than 100 special-edition games featuring sports teams, states, universities, TV shows, and pop culture characters.

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