The life-sized bronze monument shows a military woman and her service dog.

A new sculpture honoring military women and service dogs was unveiled recently outside Arlington National Cemetery.

The statue, known as "The Pledge," shows a military woman kneeling and bonding with a working dog. It now resides permanently at the Women in Military Service for America Memorial at the cemetery’s entrance.

 “‘The Pledge’ captures a brief private moment of mutual respect and love, with duty calling. They pledge to support each other, doing the best they can to accomplish their important mission and stay safe,” sculptor Susan Bahary states on her website.

The monument, commissioned by the U.S. War Dogs Association National Headquarters, was unveiled on Saturday. It is now open for free public viewing but with some restrictions imposed due to the pandemic.

military women and dog

Photo from Twitter

The Women’s Memorial is a significant national memorial honoring women who have defended America throughout its history, and the monument seems fitting, portraying the commitment of the brave ladies nationwide. As Bahary says,"‘The Pledge’ honors the commitment of our brave servicewomen, in all the jobs they do. It represents their pledge of faithful allegiance to our country and to protect and defend our freedom."

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