A 30-story office complex and a 36-story residential tower may soon join Denver's skyline.

Denver is constantly growing, and a developer behind some of Chicago’s towering skyscrapers has their eye set on the Mile High City. A proposal was submitted to the city earlier this month from Riverside Investments & Developments, who are known for their 50 story and higher buildings—including the 55-story Bank of America Tower in Chicago, which is the tallest building to be built in Chicago in almost 30 years.

The proposed project here in Denver is for a 30-story office building on a 1.26-acre parcel of land located at 1901 Arapahoe Street. Right now, the site is a parking lot that runs along 19th Street in between Arapahoe and Lawrence Street. The property is listed for sale by its current owner Buzz Gellar, at $27.5 million.

Riverside’s proposal presents plans for an office complex that would stand close to 428 feet tall and would include retail space and a lobby on the first floor. A 628-space parking garage will take up two underground floors and four above-ground levels. This would make the building the 14th tallest in Denver, with the tallest being Republic Plaza, which stands at 714 feet and 56 floors.

The proposal for the new skyscraper also includes an address change, Riverside would like the new address to be 1900 Lawrence Street.

Another skyscraper has been submitted to the city for consideration by Kairoi Residential, a development and property management company out of San Antonio, Texas, that has other properties here in Denver. This building would be a 36-story residential tower located at 1300 Market Street. That concept includes a residential tower with 169 apartments, three underground parking levels, and resident amenities.

Neither proposal has been approved by the city yet.

What do you think about all the growth that 's happening in Denver? Do you approve of more skyscrapers adding to the city's skyline? Let us know in the comments.