Sing hallelujah! No more late fees will be charged by the DC library system!

As someone whose favorite places are bookstores, libraries, and my bed (which is surrounded by books), all I can say is how incredibly awesome it is for the D.C. library system to completely eliminate late fees! My life has been plagued by fines for books I've accidentally forgotten to return (in some cases for years!).

Well, this month, a unanimous vote was made by the D.C. Public Library Board of Trustees during its monthly meeting. A group of nine, unpaid D.C. residents, the members agreed that late fees will be permanently eliminated. Apparently, the board came to the conclusion that fees were hindering those who had low incomes to either get or return books. Their announcement claimed fines were "not an effective tool to encourage on-time return of library material.”

The new policy follows a similar mindset of the one established in 2015, where fees were eliminated from accounts for anyone 20 years old and under.

According to the announcement, this new policy will first be introduced into the libary system's policies before being published in the District Register and then officialized. 

You can read more about the library system foregoing late fees here.

What do you think of the D.C. library's new policy? Do you agree with it? Share your thoughts in the comments!