Northern Virginian Veterans are bringing help to those needing it in Texas!

The people of Texas have been struggling from the inclement weather for well over the past week. Being hit with heavy snow and ice, they have more than needed any additional assistance they can receive. And a group of veterans from Northern Virginia is doing exactly that.

Marine Liz Hensel has been one of those veterans in the aid process. An Afghanistan Marine and founder of the Leave No Paws Behind USA organization, she jumped on the chance to help Texans, initially reaching out to fellow veteran David Pineda.

"I messaged DP and said, 'Hey DP, I'm thinking of getting a trailer of water, blankets, anything like nonperishable items and just driving to Texas.' .... DP was like, 'Yes, let's rally the troops. Let's do this. Let's get the word out.'"

Pineda commented, saying, "I'm a disabled Army veteran. I'm retired medically from federal law enforcement ... It's about changing the narrative and being able to show other veterans and say I'm disabled but I'm not unable."

The two veterans organized more people to help, including some from Pineda's Veterans Network. Together, they rented a truck to journey 1,500 miles to Texas, with over $3,000 going towards supplies. Their task is called Operation Texas Relief. 

"You see people that may be feeling helpless. We've dealt with mental health. We've dealt with depression. We've dealt with different things and I have a service dog," said Pineda. "I understand to be in places where you feel that someone doesn't care. We can do something to show we may be all the way here in Virginia, but we care."

Other organizations are coming together in support. The World Central Kitchen recently delivered over 2,000 meals to Texas senior centers and overflow warming centers.

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