The 757 is going through an identity crisis. 

Hampton Roads will potentially no longer be known as just "The 757" anymore (*gasp*) because the North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA) is running out of number combinations. As soon as 2021, the NANPA is hoping to add a second area code to the area.

The 757 area code has been used since 1996 when we split from central Virginia and its 804 area code. Hampton Roads residents and the media now refer to the seven cities as "The 757," so, naturally, there are some negative responses to the possible change. 

Don't fret: If you already possess a phone number with the 757 area code, your phone number would not change. Only new phone plan users would be issued the new area code.

Let's just hope this doesn't happen: 

Courtesy of GIL

According to a report by The Virginian Pilot, the NANPA filed for a new area code back in the year 2000, stating that they would be running out of area codes by 2003, but they then discovered a new way of issuing phone numbers, which delayed the change. 

Many Hampton Roads businesses have 757 in their company name, such as the 757 Makerspace, a community workshop, so what would this mean for them?

Local residents are experiencing mixed feelings on the matter. 

"It would be sad to lose the '757' to describe our Tidewater area," Amy told OCN. "It’s an easy way to identify our part of Virginia. But we are growing steadily, and change is inevitable. I’ve lived long enough to survive a couple of area code changes. We will adapt!" 

If an additional area code is implemented, residents will need to begin dialing the full 10-digit number, with the area code, because the seven-digit number will not go through. 

Meanwhile, most of the 757 is reacting like this: 

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