The large observation wheel was manufactured in the Netherlands and opened last year.

An observation Ferris wheel on the boardwalk in Ocean City has been removed due to a technicality impacting the property line. The 149-foot Ferris wheel was constructed by Trimper’s Rides on the boardwalk in June of 2021. Last week, it was removed piece by piece after the Ocean City Town Council deemed it was in violation of zoning codes. Initially, Trimper’s Rides resisted moving the ride, saying it would cost too much. Trimper’s Rides operates almost all of the rides and arcades located on the boardwalk.

The 149-foot observation wheel mimics giant Ferris wheels in tourist destinations around the world. Built in the Netherlands, it has 36 enclosed gondolas that rotate, giving riders a 360-degree view of the ocean coastline and boardwalk. The Ferris wheel was the one of tallest structures on the boardwalk and was lauded by city officials when it opened last summer.

Unfortunately, the company Trimper’s hired to build the observation wheel installed it too close to the property line, resulting in a 10-foot encroachment over town property. A surveyor hired by Trimper’s confirmed the mistake and Trimper’s shut down the ride. The company hoped to begin removal of the wheel in July, but a ruling by the town council said it would have to removed immediately. Trimper’s takes down several of its rides near the end of the season to protect them from winter elements.

Despite the town’s willingness to work with the amusement park operator, a “rules-are-rules” approach was taken and the city began to issue fines of $500 per day. After three days, Trimper’s decided to begin the task of taking down the massive wheel.

Trimper’s has not said if will be reconstructing the ride in a new location next season.