The 27-foot long hot dog-shaped vehicle adds a stop at the Denver County Fair.

Hot dog lovers and those who seek out unusual vehicles have a treat in store for them at this summer's Denver County Fair. The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile has just added a stop to their schedule, and it's in Colorado! (We're singing the Oscar Mayer tune already!)

This year’s Denver County Fair opens on Friday, July 19, at the National Western Conference, and the Weinermobile will be here for the first two days of the fair. Fans can get up and personal with the giant hotdog, snap a few selfies, and scoop up a wiener-themed whistle as a keepsake.

The original Oscar Mayer Wienermobile was built in 1969 using a Chevrolet motor home frame, had taillights from a Ford Thunderbird, and, as Oscar Mayer puts it, "averaged 187 miles per gallon."

There are currently six of the official Wienermobiles touring the country every day. Fans can follow the Wienermobiles and their adventures on Instagram, and the Wienermobile even has an app with games, content, and info on where they will be next.

Oscar Mayer currently is looking for drivers, so check out the website if you have dreams of piloting one of the Wienermobiles yourself.


After taking this pic, we couldn't help but think "how many hot dogs high is the Washington Monument???" 🌭🤔📏

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What’s your favorite way to enjoy an Oscar Mayer wiener? Plain on a bun or loaded up with all the fixings? Or are you just a fan of the Wienermobile because, seriously, it’s a giant hot dog that drives! Let us know what you think in the comments below, and we will see you at the fair!