The petition requests the neighborhood to go back to its original name that represents its historical roots.

A petition has come up in regard to Denver's iconic neighborhood RiNo District calling for neighborhood developers and Mayor Michael B. Hancock to revert its name back to "The Five Points," which was its original and historical name.

The petition posted on is an effort by Shannon Martin, the creator of the petition, to regain the essence of the neighborhood.

Martin wrote,

“In an effort to reclaim our spaces, our communities, and our history, I have made it my duty to work to regain the essence of Denver Colorado’s historically black neighborhood — The 5 Points.”

As of Monday at 10:15 a.m., 7,400+ individuals have signed the petition, almost reaching the goal of 7,500 signatures.

In the petition, Martin states the request is to emphasize the history of the neighborhood and make sure it is not lost by renaming or rebranding the community.

“While many of the neighborhoods and parks in Colorado have been renamed because of their racist and oppressive natures, the community and I believe that it is just as oppressive to rename a historically black neighborhood ANYTHING other than that. In order to bring full awareness and change to this, I am hoping the community, the neighborhood task-force, and the city council and government will stand behind this action.”

The RiNo Art District is a trendy area that is part of the four historical neighborhoods in Denver. The name RiNo is an abbreviation of River North since it is located at the north of the South Platte River.

Even though the area has flourished as an art district, Five Points has deep roots in African-American history in the city. In 2002, it was recognized as a cultural historic district.

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