Denver is planning to pave 510 miles of local roads in 2019. 

Pity the fool that hits a Colorado crater going 45 miles per hour and lives to tell the tale. Potholes are back and are making themselves known all over the metro area and beyond, thank in part to our winter weather. 

Snow, ice, and tons of snowplow activity wreak real havoc with our roadways and our cars. But the real culprit is the fluctuating temperatures. Moisture seeps into cracks on the road, freezes, and thaws, causing the roadway to expand, leaving a pothole behind. Oddly, the roadway expansion directly correlates to your wallet diminishing ... when you muck up your vehicle's front end upon impact.

Luckily, paving has begun. Denver's crews are on the job, filling holes and fixing road damage from now until the warm weather heads south again. 

This year, thanks to an additional $15 million in funding from the Elevate Denver Bond Program, the crews will be paving an additional 80 miles of streets over last year's total. A total of 510 miles of paving are expected in 2019 and will include major thoroughfares like Speer, Downing, and Alameda. Paving has started in the Green Valley Ranch area already. 

Denver 2019 Paving Schedule

Denver's 2019 Paving Schedule. Courtesy of

Weekly paving schedules are posted online at With the paving schedule subject to change, Denver Public Works suggests residents visit the website for updates each week and to view the streets scheduled to be paved this year.

In addition, as these folks are fixing the streets to make driving safer and, hopefully, prevent damage to your car, please give them space. Crews will post signs in the areas ahead of time, so you can plan accordingly. Please follow all signs, detours, and flaggers to ensure all are safe on the road and give everyone as much room as you can. 

Have you had a pothole mishap so far this year? Tell us about it in the comments.