Help find Loki!

An evening walk turned into a nightmare for a Denver couple last week when their puppy was stolen at gunpoint.

Praveena Dewers and her boyfriend Shawn Rozinski are pet parents to Loki, a two-month-old Miniature Dachshund, and they headed out for a little walk on the evening of Thursday, September 17. They were walking around the Nettie Moore playground near 12th and Utica when two teenagers parked nearby and asked to take photos with Loki.

Dewers allowed the photo to happen, but the teenagers did not give Loki back. Instead, they pulled a gun and pointed it at Dewers and her boyfriend, warning them not to try and take the puppy back.

The teenagers, aged about 13 and 17, took off with the puppy, driving a car described by the couple as a beaten-up black 2005 Saturn VUE.

Heartbroken at the theft, Dewers and Rozinski are very concerned about Loki and his well-being. Loki is described as “super young and loving” with a high-pitched bark and lots of energy.

The couple has posted in several missing pet message boards and on social media hoping to get the word out about the stolen puppy.

The Denver Police Department is investigating, and anyone with information is asked to contact them. 

This is an absolutely terrible occurrence and we're all hoping for the safe return of Loki. Have you seen this puppy or anyone trying to sell him? Please keep your eyes out and ears open and help get this little guy home, safe and sound.