It's not just in your head; those booms you hear are coming from Quantico!

For the next week, live-fire exercises at Marine Corps Base (MCB) Quantico will be heard all over the region. The Marines will be training with everything from small arms to mortars and everything in between. They started earlier this month, and the exercises will go on until October 23.

blast, bomb

According to the official MCB Quantico website, here is the current schedule:

  • Oct. 16      8 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. LIVE FIRE DEMO COMBAT FEX W/BANGALORE & CLAYMORE
  • Oct. 19      8 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. LIVE FIRE DEMO COMBAT FEX W/BANGALORE & CLAYMORE
  • Oct. 21      8 a.m. – midnight LIVE FIRE .50 CAL & BELOW, MORTARS
  • Oct. 22       12:01 a.m. – midnight LIVE FIRE .50 CAL & BELOW, 81MM MORTARS
  • Oct. 23       12:01 a.m. – noon LIVE FIRE .50CAL & BELOW

What you see or hear will be determined by your proximity to base. As you can tell from the schedule, the noise may go into the overnight hours on posted dates, so you've been warned! Don't be alarmed if your pets react to the booms and rattling windows—this might be a good time to break out the thunder shirts for them.

If you find the noise excessive and want to file a complaint, you can do so here by filling out an online form.

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For more information about the exercises, or to learn more about what's going on at MCB Quantico, head to the official base website. You can also call the Community Relations Office at (703) 784-3699 and speak to live personnel.

**The photos in this article are courtesy of the Marine Corps Base Quantico Facebook page.

Can you hear or feel the live fire from where you are? Let us know what you're experiencing and your location in the comments!