No. 15 Texas Tech takes on No. 4 Texas in Austin on Wednesday and No. 2 Baylor at home Saturday. Will the Red Raiders win both, split or lose both?

Steven Chapman (Dbltfarmer), Photographer: I think they lose both. Two teams that are hot right now that will be very difficult to beat.

Jarret Johnson (Wreckem98), Publisher: A split would be amazing against a pair of top five teams. That's what I predict will happen with Tech losing a close one in Austin before edging Baylor at home Saturday.

Kenny Romero (okieredraider01), Staff:I think the Red Raiders split the week, losing to Texas and then upsetting Baylor at home.

Joe Yeager, Senior Writer:Anything's possible. But until I see Tech get it done against a quality opponent, I will remain skeptical that they can do it. The most likely outcome is 0-2, although Tech will be competitive in both games.

The Red Raiders are off to a 10-3 overall, 3-2 Big 12 start. What have you enjoyed most about the team's performance so far this season?

Chapman: I like how the team has developed and continued to get better on both ends of the floor. It takes time to build the right chemistry especially with so many newcomers. Players have had a hard time finding their roles on the team and as they do, they seem to become more unselfish while increasing their level of play. They are far from playing their best ball and I look forward to when they hit their peak.

Johnson: The admiration for terrific team defense has been there at times, but I have also enjoyed watching Mac McClung's progression as a player while carving out his role on the team, plus Terrence Shannon's excellence and team-first attitude has been pleasing. There has also been flashes of this team's immense potential since Kevin McCullar's return. I am looking forward to seeing how the Red Raiders perform against two bona fide top five teams this week.

Romero:I have enjoyed watching Kevin McCullar progress since coming back from his injury. I believe his continued development will be key to a successful post season run for the Red Raiders.

Yeager:I've loved the play of Mac McClung. Were I to build my own team from scratch, one of the very first components would be an ultra-quick smallish guard who could get into the paint almost at will. McClung is that kind of player.

Texas Tech football has added four recruits since signing day in transfers Malik Dunlap, a cornerback from NC State, Marquis Waters, a safety from Duke, Jesiah Pierre, a linebacker from Florida and junior college offensive lineman Matt Keeler, who committed Monday. What are your thoughts on this group?

Chapman: I think they are headed in the right direction. The transfer portal and rules are changing college football and allowing teams like Tech to get better much quicker than in the past. I like how Wells has recruited the high school ranks getting quality players while also saving scholarships to bring in immediate help at the most needed positions. The transfers seem to be quality players and could have a more significant impact in the near term. These transfers will provide quality depth and more competition in their position groups. The defensive players look like quality player from D-1 programs. Matt Keeler looks good but how will he do against the Big 12 defensive lines.

Johnson: The fact they are getting three older guys with multiple years out of high school with multiple seasons of eligibility is a great thing. Waters only has one season as a grad transfer, but he is a Colin Schooler type addition who should be one of the best players on the team. Dunlap is a 6-foot-4 corner who has started in 10 games, played well and has three seasons of eligibility left. Pierre has four seasons left and is a tremendous addition to one of the more talented and experienced position groups on the roster at linebacker. Keeler has been out of high school for a couple years, but has five years to play four seasons and chose the Red Raiders over offers from the likes of Arizona State, Mississippi State and Virginia Tech. They're off to a great start so far, but there is still a lot of work left in upgrading the roster this offseason.

Romero:I think it is a solid group of additions, the thing I like most is that outside of Waters all of them have multiple years of eligibility left and can continue to add quality depth for many years to come. Wells and company have really done a good job building the talent of this roster.

Yeager: Given the success Texas Tech has had from east coast defensive transfers (Morgenstern, McPhearson), I'm pretty chuffed about Dunlap, Waters and Pierre.

What other positions would you like to see Texas Tech address through the portal and junior college ranks this offseason?

Chapman: I think the most important needs are another Offensive Tackle, a couple of Defensive Lineman and a mobile QB.

Johnson: They need to add 1-2 offensive linemen, a couple interior defensive linemen and they need to upgrade quarterback play from last season. If Donovan Smith or Behren Morton are ready to take over then great, if not they really need to find somebody in the transfer portal.

Yeager: I'm not so much concerned about position groups as I am about quality. Bring in the best players they can find, almost regardless of position, and I'll be happy.

Did it snow where you live and if so how much did you get and did you do anything fun with/in it?

Chapman: Yes we got a much needed snow. Around 7 to 8 inches. I didn’t do much but did get out and drive around and watch other folks playing in the snow and got to have a little fun with the 4 wheel drive on my new to me Nissan Titan Truck. I will add that this moisture was a true blessing for the farm. Could not do much farm work as the ground was so dry.

Johnson: Yeah, we got over seven inches of snow. My son, Lucas, our one-year-old 80-pound dog, Beau, and I had a great time playing football, having snowball fights and at one point with all three of us up on the snow covered trampoline, had a royal rumble. We all survived, including the trampoline, and had a blast.

Romero:We only had about two inches of snow this round which was gone fairly quickly so we didn’t get to enjoy it very much.

Yeager: Got about 6 inches in central Lubbock. Didn't engage in any winter sport activities, but I certainly enjoyed the snow all the same. I always do.