The weather's getting warmer ... finally!

So far, May has been cooler than normal in the eastern half of Colorado, but in the western half of Colorado, they have seen warmer than normal temperatures. That's thanks to that Polar Vortex you heard so much of. It was just close enough to affect the Eastern Plains but not strong enough to get all the way to the San Juan mountains.

The next five days will be categorized by normal temps (highs of 70s, lows of 40s) and rain chances for some. Now through Saturday will be our best chance to see some rain and storms. We're watching a system in the Great Basin (Nevada/Utah) that will bring warmer and more moist air to us here in Colorado. That, plus the combination of added energy approaching, will equate to widespread shower activity Thursday afternoon and evening with a few thunderstorms embedded.

Then, on Friday, we will see another bout of energy swing in from the Pacific Northwest. With the added moisture on the ground, additional atmospheric energy, and enough heat in the region, we will see the chance of some stronger thunderstorms for Friday afternoon. These could have large hail and damaging winds with them. Some of these storms will linger into Saturday morning before some gradual clearing takes place. We will hold onto rain chances through Saturday.

The first 90-degree temperatures of the year could be felt next week on Monday and Tuesday. A ridge of high pressure, which brings warmer and clearer conditions, will set up and strengthen quite a bit those days so be ready for some good ol' Colorado heat to set in. 

Temperatures in the 90s could be possible Monday and Tuesday. Our first 90-degree day happens on June 7, so if we hit 90 degrees next week, we'll be running a little ahead of schedule.

The CPC (Climate Prediction Center) agrees with warmer and drier conditions for next week. We need some monsoon moisture to help out with the drought that is impacting the state right now. If we don't get some solid moisture, our fire season may be more active than normal. 

Are you excited about the warmer weather on its way over the next week? Comment below.