Hot and humid conditions will continue to hit the area hard for the next few days.

The DMV area is set for at least one more day of hot, humid weather. Temperatures in the region on Tuesday climbed into the mid-90s, producing heat that felt more like 105 degrees in some areas. The National Weather Service for the Baltimore-Washington area issued a heat advisory and areas of Harford County along the I-96 corridor were under a severe thunderstorm watch. Unfortunately, more extreme heat is on the way for Wednesday, and the humidity is set to stick around ahead of Hurricane Elsa.

If you thought the skies had a hazy appearance, it wasn’t your imagination. High altitude smoke from wildfires in the west created hazy conditions over the area, which should dissipate on Wednesday. Temperatures will be in the mid-90s on Wednesday, with heat indexes up to 105 degrees. Relief may or may not come in the form of scattered thunderstorms in the afternoon. Overnight it will cool down into the low 70s.

Thursday and Friday will cool down a bit into the low 90s and upper 80s. As Elsa approaches, wind and rain could sweep into the region bringing the possibility of severe thunderstorms on Thursday evening and Friday afternoon. Gale force winds could also impact the lower Tidal Basin and the Chesapeake Bay on Thursday.

A bit of cooldown is expected this weekend, with temperatures falling into the mid-80s. Elsa regained hurricane status on Tuesday night as the storm approached Tampa Bay and the National Weather Service issued hurricane watches and storm surge watches for parts of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina. As of now, there is about a 50 percent chance of thunderstorms on Saturday and Sunday, but forecasters are watching and waiting to see if Elsa heads up towards the mid-Atlantic area.

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