Up to 100 single-doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will be available at some events.

Concertgoers at Red Rocks will have the chance to get the COVID-19 vaccine while attending select concerts this summer.

Officials state that they will be offering the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccination (up to 100 single doses), and this started last week at a Diplo show. In coordination with the Denver Department of Public Health & Environment, those who do receive the shot will receive a Red Rocks 80th anniversary T-shirt and a voucher for concessions.

Vaccines are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Brian Kitts, a spokesman for Red Rocks, said, "The entertainment industry only works when people are able to gather together, and a healthy audience is vitally important at Red Rocks. We’re making it easy to come to a concert and leave knowing that our fans have protected themselves, their families and their fellow music lovers."

The focus will be on concerts with younger audiences who may not have had quick access to the vaccine. However, we can't yet confirm which concerts this offer will be held at. Stay tuned for updates.