Scooter companies want to come back to Virginia Beach, so what’s stopping them?

At least four scooter companies are reportedly interested in returning to Virginia Beach after a ban last year forced them out of town.

The Virginian-Pilot reports that a contract dispute is keeping electric scooters out of Virginia Beach despite plans to return in late July. At issue is an unsigned contract agreement that maxes capacity to 250 scooters per company throughout the city. That includes only 400 total scooters along the oceanfront area among all four companies, according to WAVY

Bird, Lime, Spin and Veo are also concerned about a contract stipulation that requires companies to pick up knocked-down scooters in 30 minutes or less or risk fines—and possible contract terminations if violations happen repeatedly.

“They’re asking for some flexibility on that,” Brian Solis, Virginia Beach assistant to the city manager for special projects, told The Virginian-Pilot. 

The companies also want clarification on how they can better enforce the city's new geofencing rules that stops scooters or significantly limit speeds inside of certain zones—particularly the Boardwalk area. For example, here are city-generated maps showing where Bird and Lime will limit riders from using or parking scooters.

City Council could approve a new franchise agreement in the coming weeks to address the concerns shared by the scooter companies. 

Lime has operated since June in nearby Norfolk, but there is no set date on when scooters will reestablish their presence in Virginia Beach. 

To follow the latest updates and learn more about the scooter regulations as they are currently established, visit the city of Virginia Beach's scooter-dedicated website.