Around 2:50 a.m., seven empty cars of a CSX freight train derailed over the Potomac River. The incident is still being investigated.

A Maryland-bound CSX freight train derailed the tracks at 2:50 a.m. on Saturday morning while crossing the Winchester and Potomac Railroad Bridge in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. The cause of the derailment is currently unknown, and CSX is investigating the incident. 

When the seven cars derailed, two of them landed in the Potomac River, but the locomotive remained on the tracks. The cars were empty, and nobody was injured; however, severe damage was done to the footbridge across the Potomac, as well as the entrance to “The Point,” causing them to be “closed indefinitely” until the damage is repaired.

In its message, the freight rail operator noted: “CSX will work swiftly and safely in the cleanup and to restore the area.”

Police and firefighters from all three nearby states—Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland—are working hard to clean up the damage done. Fortunately, there were no hazardous spills.

You can check the National Park Services website for updates!

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