Retirement never seemed so busy. This couple is spending hours a day making desks for children to give them "a place that's theirs."

Don and Deb Lewis, from Highlands Ranch, Colorado, are retired and busier than ever. They spend their days making and donating desks to children who need them. While most students experienced remote learning, school instruction, and work while at home, many didn't have a dedicated spot at which to complete their school work.

“Kids like to have a place that’s theirs, and sitting at the kitchen table, that’s not theirs,” said Don Lewis.

As first reported by Fox31, Don and Deb have been married for 45 years and known each other since kindergarten. During quarantine, they had too much time on their hands. It was on social media where Deb found the idea of making desks. It's now a full-time job.

Since they began, Don and Deb have used their own hands and money to make more than 40 desks for children. Students, as young as 6 years old, send thanks to Don and Deb for their generosity.

"Who would have thought that something as simple as a small, wooden school desk can give so many kids and parents comfort?" Deb and Don Lewis did.

To request a desk, "all you need to do is ask." If you would like to offer to volunteer or help with materials or funds, contact Deb directly at [email protected]

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