Fox Island Environmental Education Center will be closing its doors for good this fall.

Generations of students, tourists, and locals have flocked to the center on Great Fox Island for educational trips spent exploring the Chesapeake Bay. But sadly, due to rising sea levels and the erosion of the island's shores, a final decision has been made to close the iconic structure for good.

Located in the salty marshes in Virginia, just south of the Maryland border, the center has stood for decades while the island's acreage slowly disappeared under water. The marshlands are crumbling away as well, and visitors are no longer safe on the structure. High tide brings the waves dangerously close to the walkways and entrances. 

For decades, the center was a place for people to learn about our fragile regional ecosystems. Built in 1929 as a lodge for hunters and fishing trips, it became part of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation educational program in 1978. The center was able to house up to 20 guests at a time, and school groups and scientists often had retreats there. Many of them are now saying goodbye with farewell posts on the foundation's blog.

Check out this video of the Fox Island Environmental Education Center and all it had to offer:

According to the foundation, the center has hosted its last group of students and is in its final stages of closing down permanently. To learn more about the situation, visit the Chesapeake Bay Foundation's website.

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