Front-door boarding on buses will also resume.

The Regional Transporation Department (RTD) recently announced that it will start collecting fares and front-door boarding on Wednesday, July 1. These services were halted in April due to the coronavirus pandemic in order to keep riders and operators safe.

However, the return of the fares has received some mixed feelings, specifically from bus drivers.

"The fare box is very close to the driver, hardly 18 inches, and when they are putting their money in, they are looking directly at me, so if they ask a question, they are going to be speaking directly in my face," one driver told CBS4.

Riders on both the buses and trains will be encouraged to wear masks, but it's not being enforced, said the driver. "My major concern is if they don’t have a mask on, I have no safety at all, with them standing that close to me ... I have people on my bus that yell at me for wearing a mask, people who don’t think that there’s even a virus out there."

On the other side of things, both riders and train operators alike are excited to see that the fares are returning due to the number of homeless people they've seen taking advantage of the no-fare rides.

"The homeless on the trains is out of control," said a train operator. "Bringing back the fares is great for the train side… (but) if I was on the bus side, I don’t think that would be ideal."

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