Here's when tickets go on sale for the general public to the highly-anticipated "Claude Monet: The Truth of Nature" exhibit.

Claude Monet, a famous French impressionist painter, will have his life’s work on display at the Denver Art Museum later this year. And after several months of waiting in anticipation, officials at the museum have officially announced when tickets for the general public will be available for purchase.

Individual tickets go on sale Tuesday, June 25, at 10 a.m. However, members will have the opportunity to get tickets early with a presale that's scheduled from June 10-24. According to the Denver Art Museum, members can expect more information about the presale to arrive in the mail soon.

This exhibit will be open to the public from October 21, 2019, to February 2, 2020.

According to the museum's website, this will be one of the "most comprehensive" displays of his work in the United States. While the exhibit is touring across the United States between 2019 to 2020, the Denver exhibition will be the largest and have the most educational and insightful material. The full presentation, named "Claude Monet: The Truth of Nature," will display over 125 pieces of his work.

Monet was considered one of the founders of the impressionist style of painting, and his artistic belief was that people should be able to express their perceptions before nature. He wanted to make sure people understood that everyone's view of the natural world was different and unique to that individual person.

Monet, Claude. Water Lilies. 1914-17, Art Institute of Chicago.

The Denver Art Museum's featured exhibits always have a little something for everyone, and this particular event would be best for those who want to learn about the impact Monet had on the art world. More information on the Claude Monet exhibit can be found here.

Also, keep in mind, while the Claude Monet exhibit is the main event, the Denver Art Museum is always home to plenty of fine art pieces for people to view, as well. For more information, including other events and member pricing, visit the main website here. Keep in mind that those 18 and under get free general admission, so be sure to bring as many people as you can!

What do you think? Will you be checking out the Monet exhibit when it arrives in Denver later this year? Share your thoughts in the comments.