The United State Senate is in recess, which gives senators a chance to return to their home states and meet with constituents.

Senator Gary Peters chose to use a week traveling the state on his motorcycle.

He was in Traverse City meeting with fruit farmers Thursday.

It’s rewarding but a difficult job to be a fruit farmer in Northern Michigan. They deal with so many issues and many of them outside of their control, like the weather, pests and finding workers to pick your fruit.

They are all things that farmers face every day but here in Northern Michigan, especially cherry farmers, are getting hit big by imports. Imports coming in, flooding the market.

That’s where Senator Peters is hearing from farmers, finding out what he can do to level the playing field.

“Michigan farmers and producers can outcompete anybody in the world but the rules have to be fair,” says Sen. Peters.

Peters took to the open road on his motorcycle this week to meet Michiganders face to face.

“It’s important to hear directly from folks as to the challenges they are facing and the help they need,” says Peters.

Thursday morning he spent at Wunsch Farms on the Old Mission Peninsula to hear directly from farmers on how the government can help.

“As we look at this economy recovering, it’s absolutely essential that agricultural producers and growers have the ability to get through this,” says Peters, “Just like our small businesses.”

Climate change, pest control, immigration laws, all help but a main talking point was Turkish cherries and the continued fight to stop the highly subsidized fruit.

“If you’re the steel industry, you can hire an army of lawyers and an army of economists, all the folks necessary to make a trade case,” says Peters, “But if you are a cherry grower in Traverse City, it’s very difficult to have those kinds of resources.”

Peters continued the ride for a stop down in Grand Rapids and then will head to Lansing for a final stop and finish the 1000 mile ride Friday.