We salute all first responders!

The Virginia House Joint Resolution has proposed to initiate September 11 as First Responders Day starting this year. The decision was made during the 2019 General Assembly in order to bring awareness to the hard work, dedication, and sacrifices that first responders make every single day. 

First Responders Day will apply to all departments including 911 dispatchers, law enforcement officers, professional and volunteer firefighters, professional and volunteer emergency medical services personnel, emergency management professionals, search and rescue teams, rescue pilots and divers, the Virginia National Guard, and members of other organizations in the public safety sector. 

The day is established as a day to remember and recognize first responders in Virginia, according to the resolution, “for their courage and dedication to protect and aid the public during emergencies as both professional and volunteer first responders.”

First responders—both volunteer and career—risk their lives to serve and protect the citizens of the Commonwealth during an emergency situation, and the day is designated to bring awareness to the sacrifices that they make to serve and protect us. The day will honor their bravery and commitment to keeping citizens safe from harm. 

The State of Virginia is encouraging you and local organizations to find creative and useful ways to help promote the day, from charitable events to just a simple "Thank You." All proceeds that will be raised during charitable events will be donated to the first responders. 

Here are a few ways you can participate:

  • Promote #VAFirstRespondersDay on social media
  • Host first responder fundraisers
  • Hold a moment of silence for first responders and victims of 9/11
  • Organize community 5K and 10K walks or runs
  • Share the day with local organizations and Chambers of Commerce
  • Say “thank you” to first responders with cards and letters

Organizations who will be hosting events or fundraisers are encouraged to promote the said event with #VAFirstRespondersDay. 

The First Responders Day is being appointed 18 years after the tragic 9/11 events and is an appropriate recognition that will be cherished from now on. 

What do you think of this appointment? Do you think it should have been done sooner? How will you be promoting #VAFirstRespondersDay? Tell us in the comments!