To celebrate its 150th anniversary, the City of Colorado Springs is asking the public to share past and present photos. 

Colorado Springs is turning 150 this year, and the city wants the public to join in on the festivities. As part of its celebration, the city is holding a social media campaign called the "Then and Now Challenge." The campaign invites anyone who has photos at the exact location in the past and present to share them online using #COS150.

Whether you have comparable photos at a city park, neighborhood, or restaurant, Colorado Springs wants to see them! The hope is to share pictures and educate the public on Colorado Springs' rich history, going all the way back to 1871. 

In addition to inviting the public to share photos, local photographer Mike Pach of 3 Peaks Photography will have a "Then and Now" photo gallery at Pikes Peak Library, which opens on July 8. The gallery will feature 50 pairs of photos comparing old images to new ones and will start its PPLD rotation at Library 21c on Chapel Hills Drive. The gallery will be showcased there for two months before moving on to another library location, rotating for the year. 

The Challenge is just one of many participatory activities planned leading up to Colorado Springs' official birthday on July 31, 2021. At the big celebration on July 31, the city is planning a celebration on Tejon Street featuring live music, a pep rally for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, and more. Learn more about the event and other things happening here

Do you have anything planned to celebrate Colorado Springs' 150th anniversary? Let us know in the comments.