The thrill ride has been open since May 14.

Citing safety reasons, Six Flags America in Prince George's County has temporarily suspended the use of a new ride that opened at the park last month.

Spinsanity, the ride inspired by DC Comics villain Harley Quinn, is currently closed to the public following concerns regarding the ride's safety. According to the park's marketing and public relations manager Joseph Pudlick, a safety sensor was able to stop the ride mid-way through and allowed passengers to depart and continue their stay at the amusement park unscathed. No one was reported to be hurt.

"The safety of our guests is always our highest priority and the ride will be closed for a thorough inspection before re-opening," Pudlick told 7News in an email.

A TikTok user captured the concerning moment on video, where one of the ride's columns can be seen visibly shaking as passengers remain fastened in their seats. The park has not yet confirmed a specific reason explaining the ride's glitch.

The thrill ride was unveiled on May 14 in the park's Gotham City area, with Park President Richard Pretlow describing it as "the tallest, fastest, and most extreme pendulum ride in the DMV." Boasting speeds of 70 mph, the attraction swings, spins, and rotates riders through the air at varying angles with a maximum height of 15 stories. The ride itself is comprised of a gigantic disc painted in the villain's trademark colors of red, white, and black.

Whatever the problem may be, Six Flags is hoping that it will be fixed soon and it will be running once again. In the meantime, you can check out the park's other rides here.

This is pretty scary stuff, huh? Has anything similar happened to you on a theme park ride before? Tell us in the comments.