You won't find baby bottles and bibs on this registry, but you can help the zoo's lions live their best lives. 

The epitome of adorable was born just a few weeks ago at the Denver Zoo, and as he grows and gets more active, he needs some specialized care. According to the zoo, he is healthy and strong, but he's at such a young age, the zoo is ensuring that they provide him with a little extra TLC to keep him healthy and happy. 

"Still behind the scenes, Neliah and Tobias's little bundle of cute is already growing and developing quite the little personality," says the zoo's Facebook page. "This playful little cub is growing big and strong, and what’s more, he just hit 7 lbs! As for mom, with her baby boy independent enough to leave the den box on his own (when he’s feeling brave), she’s getting the chance to spend some time with her fellow females when she gets the chance." 

Check out the mom and son duo below, courtesy of the Denver Zoo (Facebook).

The zoo is asking for your help to ensure the little guy, as well as the rest of the pride, is enriched both in body and mind. The Denver Zoo Baby Registry lets you donate funding for a variety of things to keep the lions active and in good health.

For the new little lion man, you can donate to support wellness checks or ongoing expert care. 

"Support the veterinary care of our cub! Our world-class animal care team does it all. Help ensure they are well-prepared for the pride's new addition and are able to continue to provide nose-to-tail care for all of our animals," says the zoo. 

You can also choose to donate to a variety of other needs, like lion-sized toys and interactive enrichment to engage their minds, as well as encourage and stimulate natural behaviors. Socialization packs that will help prepare the cub for his new world and pride and nutrition needs are also part of the registry

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