It marks as Denver's 351st local landmark.

On Monday, the Denver City Council voted to designate "Stahl House" as a new landmark in Denver.

The 132-year-old property is located in Denver's Congress Park neighborhood. Many stop by to admire the red house with a green roof at 1272 Columbine St., which was originally built in 1889.

Stahl House
Courtesy of Denver City Council

Denver City Council stated that “John Seward Stahl, a well-known Denverite and an influential business leader with a robust commitment to civic life, moved to Colorado in 1879, and in 1884, moved to Denver to establish a new business selling typewriters, eventually becoming the leader in the field. The family was so well known by the late 1880s that when Stahl purchased the lot for the family’s future home at 1272 Columbine St., it made the newspapers. The Stahl House was among the first built in what is now Congress Park and remained in the Stahl family until 1943.”

The Stahl House stands out for its "Queen Anne style with Richardsonian Romanesque flourishes and details". Queen Anne-style architecture in the United States became popular during the 1880s. Some prominent characteristics of this style are an asymmetrical facade, Dutch gables, and spindle work.

Renowned architect William Lang designed the Stahl House. He was considered one of Denver's most prolific architects, designing more than 250 structural properties in the 1880s and 1890s. He also designed the Molly Brown House located at 1340 Pennsylvania and St. Mark's Parish located at 12th and Lincoln.

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