Drugs and guns, among other illegal objects, were also found in the vehicle.

A stolen hummer full of catalytic convertors, drugs, guns, and other illegal objects was recently discovered by an Adams County deputy on Sunday morning.

As many of you are probably aware, stolen catalytic convertors have been a growing issue in and around the Denver metro area and beyond. In fact, the Our Community Now Street Machine was a victim.

The deputy approached a stalled Hummer at West 84th Avenue and Pecos Street around 10 a.m. The Hummer was backing up traffic and causing congestion.

A man was found passed out inside the vehicle with "drug paraphernalia in plain sight," reports say. More deputies came to the scene and blocked the Hummer with police cars in order to prevent the suspect from attempting an escape. However, the suspect did still try to do just that once he woke up; backing up into the officer's vehicles.

He was then taken into custody. The suspect has been identified as Ulices Venzor. Venzor had six active warrants out for his arrest at the time of this incident.

Inside the vehicle, deputies found two handguns, about 20 catalytic convertors—each valued at around $1,500 (adding up to roughly $30,000)—50 credit cards, an undisclosed amount of methamphetamine, and silver coins.