The sharing economy adds another category: swimming pools.

This summer has been a hot one. Nothing is more satisfying after a hot day in the sun than a jump into a nice cool pool. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a pool or live in a community with one, your options to cool off are limited. A new tech company is aiming to change that by connecting pool owners with would-be swimmers. "Swimply" is an online platform that allows pool owners to rent out their pools to people looking to take a swim. The pool-sharing service is available in 26 states, including Maryland and Virginia.

Using Swimply helps pool owners recoup some of the expense of maintaining a pool while maximizing use during the season.

"Owning a pool can be expensive; enjoying one doesn't have to be," said Bunim Laskin, Founder and CEO of Swimply. "We are seeking to democratize the pool experience so that everyone can enjoy an instant escape from reality, even if it's just to another backyard down the street.”

Simply pool sharing listing in Virginia

Courtesy of Swimply

Pool owners can post pictures and details about the pool, including how many swimmers are allowed at one time and the amenities that are available. One pool in Virginia comes with WiFi, private bathroom, BBQ grill, and pool toys. All pools are inspected for safety and cleanliness ahead of time by Swimply. Hourly rentals for pools in the area run from $40 to $200 per hour, plus any applicable service fees. Just like other sharing services, prices may vary based on popularity.

Swimply will assist pool owners with everything they need to list their pool, including photography. Just like popular vacation home rental sites, owners get a percentage of the rental fees booked by Swimply.

To book, go to or download the Swimply app for your iOS or Android device.

Would you swim in someone’s private pool, or would you rather go to a public pool? Tell us in the comments!