And it's just as spectacular as you'd think!

This year has thrown enough curve balls our way to rethink education, the workplace, and shopping. Dining is no different. We now have more options for take-out and delivery while following social distancing guidelines if we choose to dine-in.

Restaurants have been hit hard due to COVID-19, and many restaurants have since closed. Those that remain open have strict guidelines from the CDC and local governments to keep the public safe. Restaurants are limited with the number of patrons allowed indoors for dining, just half of the regular capacity. With colder temperatures and weather approaching, outdoor dining is becoming a less viable option.

Innovation played a key role in coming up with a solution for dining in beautiful Telluride, Colorado. City leaders brainstormed a number of options, and they landed on a grand solution. Old gondola cabins are being refurbished and repurposed as dining cars along the base plaza. According to The Know Outdoors, the gondola cabins will have lights, cushioned seats, heating, and ventilation, all within a durable structure that will hold up to the wear from ski boots and equipment.

Menu options can be viewed via QR codes on the tables, with 12 restaurants in the village center to choose from. 

The free gondola carrying passengers back and forth between Telluride and Mountain Village has been operating since 1996. The gondola transportation system has been praised for "providing free, convenient, and environmentally sound transportation. The gondola received the 1998 Mountain Sports and Living Design Award for Resort Access Innovation, and was named the 1999 Outstanding Transit Project by the Colorado Association of Transit Agencies."

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